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WedBing has been renamed WED-O-Maker.



5 thoughts on “FAQ usage

  1. John Dickinson

    I have X-Plane installed on an SSD, my problem seems to be in “pointing” wedbing at this location and I do not understand your answer 2 above. Nevertheless wedbing appears to have the makings of a very useful tool. Thank you.

    P.S. O.S Windows 7 64 bit.


  2. wedbing Post author

    Hi John – This area of Wedbing will be improved in time, at the moment the FAQ points to a work-around. This is just the software being an early beta release right now – if you’re not comfortable with Windows ASCII text files, & hidden file extensions, please check back as this will issue will eventually be taken care of automatically – it’s in my top list of tasks.

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    1. John Dickinson

      Thanks for the reply. I have actually got wedbing to work by moving X-Plane to my C: drive so know what a great tool it is. I’m quite happy to work with text files and the like just don’t fully understand where to place them in order to try the work around. For example I don’t seem to be able to find wedbing-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. Looking forward to your solution though.


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